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When Everything’s Too Messy, Start with Baby Steps

When Everything’s Too Messy, Start with Baby Steps

When Everything’s Too Messy, Start with Baby Steps
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When you’re running a business, feeling overwhelmed with the number of goals and tasks you have to deal with at any one time is part of the deal. With so many things to think about at once, where can you even start with making progress?

Here are a few simple yet essential tasks that businesses in almost every sector have to do yet tend to overlook — crossing these off the list will make you feel ahead of the game.

Check your paperwork

The idea of checking your paperwork might sound so simple that it’s almost a copout, but missing one or two crucial documents or communications can be fatal for a business. And it happens more often than you might think.

All too often, busy entrepreneurs spend so much time on urgent tasks that they let their paperwork (both digital and physical) fall by the wayside. Emails get ignored instead of deleted or acted on, physical letters stack up untended to, and computer files get messier than ever.

We don’t advocate spending hours every day organizing your files perfectly and checking your email inbox every ten minutes, but it’s something you should certainly put time aside for now and again. You’ll be surprised how much weight it lifts off your shoulders!

Review your website

Do you remember that proud, smug feeling you had when you finally put together your website in a way you were happy with? But if a few years (or even just one year) have passed since that moment, it’s probably time to give things a refresh.

Just think how much business you could be missing out on by excluding services you only started to offer recently from your site. Or maybe looking at things with a fresh pair of eyes could make all the difference in crafting the perfect hook.

Either way, reviewing your website is always a task worth doing.

Pay attention to your bookkeeping

Unless you’re particularly interested in numbers and taxes, sorting out your business accounting probably isn’t a job you’re very enthusiastic about carrying out. It’s not quite as exciting as launching a new product line or rebranding your website.

Yet as dull as it might seem, no business can survive if it isn’t balancing its books and consistently making smart financial decisions. When was the last time you reviewed your accounts or sorted your receipts? Do you have online accounting software set up to make everything easier?

If so, it looks like you’re good to go.

Or, if this is all sounding daunting and time-consuming, it might be time to enlist some help — we’ll get to that shortly.

Need help with figuring out your first step?

Are you leading by example by showing everyone in your organization how to clean up their operations?

If the honest answer to that question is negative, it’s time to start taking action. At Gema Consult, we help small businesses to clean up their bookkeeping efforts, alongside a variety of other essential admin tasks. To find out more, get in contact with us to schedule your consultation.

The solution isn’t to get rid of all possible stressors — it’s to learn that a little bit of uncertainty is something we can all learn to adapt to.

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Widi Papan

Senior Deputy Director

Successfully Managing a Fleet of Tourism Locations, A Legacy Forged by Mentoring Hundreds of Clients to Obtain Long-term Success
Widi Papan has recently been appointed to Senior Deputy Director at Gema Consult, a hidden gem among gems. A maverick at establishing modern administration styles in an industry relying on largely outdated practices, Widi brings a unique value to Gema’s approach with clients. With clear direction for short and medium-term projects and expert-level knowledge of accounting standards, he is key to establishing successful operations for our clients.

Widi is the operational foundation responsible for Gema’s overwhelming success. His proficiency in executing technology automation, business set-ups, budgeting, cash flow recovery, debt management, capital increase planning, and business process simplification is on another level. This expertise is applied to every one of Gema Consult’s clients.

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